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Your job bigger film transcript

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00:00 [FCDO Services logo appears on screen on a peacock blue background]

[Music plays]

00:03 [Logo fades. On a pale blue background two roundels appear. One shows the interior of a modern embassy’s relaxation area with modern sofas, lamps, and artwork, and the other shows a picture of two colleagues wearing hardhats and studying a computer. The images appear side-by-side with the text ‘Government buildings’.]

>>Narrator: We construct and repair government buildings.

00:08 [The first two roundels disappear, and three new ones appear. Each has an image: there’s a woman on a phone; a man typing on a keyboard; a close up of someone interacting with a smartphone. All three images have an icon of a padlock over them.]

>>Narrator: We make government tech secure

0:08 [The three roundels disappear. An image of Earth appears, with objects appearing around it in orbit. The first orbiting object is a brown, square parcel. The second is a container ship, full of shipping containers, which sounds its horn. The third is a silver four-door car.]

>>Narrator: We pack, ship, drive, fly,

00:11 [A large commercial plane – flies over the screen from bottom to top, and the image of Earth is wiped away. This also reveals a large diplomatic brown sack with the words ‘HBM DIPLOMATIC SERVICE’ printed on it.]

>>Narrator: deliver for overseas diplomats.

00:13 [The diplomatic bag disappears and is replaced by the words ‘We translate for leaders’ in the centre of the screen, surrounded by the same phrase translated into French, German, Arabic, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.]

>>Narrator: We translate for leaders.

00:15 [The words fade out and four images of different embassy buildings pop up on screen. Some are older architecture; some are modern. You can hear a rumbling and a cracking sound as a crack in the ground appears between the embassies. The image on screen shakes.]

>>Narrator: We earthquake-proof embassies.

00:17 [The embassies disappear and a series of white visa application stamps appear on the blue background to form the shape of a cloud]

>>Narrator: We host visa applications in the Cloud

00:20 [The visa stamps come towards screen and are replaced with seven shimmering bubbles of various sizes. Each bubble is full of 1s and 0s – binary numbers – and each figure flicks back and forth between 1 and 0.]

>>Narrator: We protect information from cyber threat.

00:23 [The bubbles disappear, and a cut out image of an iron security fence appears from the left. There are two security cameras on the fence, slowly rotating to scan the area.]

>>Narrator: We install security cameras…

00:26 [Another image appears to sit alongside the fence: it’s three people in hard hats, working on solar panels.]

>>Narrator: and solar panels.

00:27 [The fence and solar panels are replaced by a line of illustrated people with their arms raised. They’re holding up the word ‘government’.]

>>Narrator: In short, we excel in supporting government.

00:30 [The people remain but the word government changes to become the words ‘each other’.]

>>Narrator: And we always support each other.

00:32 [The people disappear and are replaced by two images in roundels. The smaller one has someone measuring out a piece of wood with a tape measure and pencil. The larger one shows someone installing a security camera.]

>>Narrator: We are carpenters and CCTV installers,

00:32 [The previous images become smaller, and new roundels appear on the left and right of screen. One shows two women in front of computer screens with code. The other shows two dark blue HGV lorries in a car park.]

>>Narrator: drivers and software developers

00:37 [The previous images become smaller and move around on screen. Two more new roundels appear. One contains an image of a close up of a woman using a calculator at a desk. The other shows two colleagues studying a plan.]

>>Narrator: accountants and architects.

00:39 [The images fade out and are replaced by the FCDO Services crest of a lion and a unicorn. Boxes surround the logo with different types of careers written in them. Clockwise they read: ‘Human Resources; Logistics; Commercial; Skilled Trades; Procurement; Apprenticeships; Finance; Engineering.]

>>Narrator: We are home to all sorts of skills.     

00:42 [The written boxes with careers flip to display images to represent different cultures or festivals from around the world, all surrounding the FCDO Services crest.]

>>Narrator: We bring together diverse cultures.  

00:46 [The images disappear and are replaced with one image of three colleagues having a conversation and smiling. The words ‘our whole selves to work’ appear on screen.]

>>Narrator: We bring our whole selves to work.  

00:49 [Image fades and a world map appears, made up of white dots on a grey background. Flags sprout out of the dots, with the FCDO Services crest on them. The flags are fluttering.]

>>Narrator: We protect communities around the world.

00:51 [We zoom in on the dots and they become icons with male and female heads in them.]

>>Narrator: And we have a community of support of our own.

00:54 [The previous screen fades out and is replaced with a solid blue background where the FCDO Services logo and ‘FCDO Services, Part of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’ appears along with circle and dot graphics.]

>>Narrator: We are FCDO Services

00:57 [Logo disappears and the words ‘Your job bigger’ appear. As ‘bigger’ appears, there’s a whoosh sound.]

>>Narrator: Welcome to your job, bigger.


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