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Raising accessibility awareness

On Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we’re spotlighting the work we do to make our careers accessible for everyone – from the way we market them, to the information we offer, to the adjustments and support we provide both at interview once you’re in your new role. We’re dedicated to accessibility; to making everyone feel welcome – from your first encounter with us, to the moment you join us as a colleague, and throughout your career at FCDO Services.

Take our careers website, for instance. There are all sorts of features across our site to support all users – some you might have noticed; some you might not. It means that, whatever your needs, however you need to use our site, you can have the same access to information about our careers. For instance, did you know you can navigate fully around our desktop site without a mouse, just by using your keyboard? Hit the Tab button on your keyboard to try it, then press Return to find a link you’d like to visit. While you’re exploring, you might also notice that wherever you find film content around our site, you can download both the transcript and a full frame-by-frame description of what happens in the film.

Across our careers marketing, we look to meet everyone’s needs as far as we can, with accessible design and flexible tools that help with a wide variety of requirements. As an example, if you look at the top right corner of our careers website on the desktop version, or the bottom of the main menu on the mobile version, you’ll find the accessibility tool we use: Recite Me. Within that tool, you can change the contrast colours of each page; have the page read aloud by a screen reader; convert the page to Open Dyslexic font; translate to other languages, and more.

Beyond our website and our communications, we’re committed to accessibility throughout our recruitment process. That’s why, for example, our How to Apply page goes into detail on what accessible facilities are available at our interview sites at Hanslope Park, Milton Keynes, and King Charles Street, London. By making that information readily available, without having to ask, it means that we can make sure that we’re helping every candidate to feel comfortable and confident during their visit, giving everyone a fair opportunity to show us their strengths. 

We want to create that welcoming environment for every applicant here – and of course, for every colleague who joins us. To enable that, we’re part of the Government’s Disability Confident scheme, and we’re what’s known as a Disability Confident Committed organisation.

To discover more on how we support every colleague here, check out our Diversity and Inclusion page. Then, if you’re interested in applying, our How to Apply page will tell you all about the adjustments we can offer to support your application, and how to request them. We can’t wait to hear from you – and welcome you to your job, bigger.