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A Spotlight on women in engineering

Throughout August, we put a spotlight on women in engineering, and if you missed it, we wanted to make sure you get a round-up of some of the best articles and things to explore. That way, you can find out how we welcome female-identifying colleagues into engineering roles across our organisation, whether that’s structural engineering, telecoms engineering, or any one of our many other specialisms, from seismic engineering to the engineers helping with UK counter-eavesdropping through UK NACE.

There’s all kinds of content across our site to help you get to know our inclusive organisation and the work we do to push for gender balance in the engineering sector (and plenty of other sectors too), but where should you start?

If you’re thinking about a future in engineering with us, we’d recommend you start with our Virtual Embassy, where you’ll get to know all about what we do and how different kinds of engineering fit into our bigger picture. Choose ‘Designing and engineering the embassy building’ or ‘Designing the embassy’s security features and secure communications’, and we’ll get you started with our female engineering guides, Jane and Anya.

Alternatively, you might like to hear from a few of our female engineering colleagues on their experiences, and there are a wealth of places you can do that:

Finally, you might want to know about our wider work to ensure a consciously inclusive environment for all our teams, with everything from diversity facts and figures to the networks you can join when you work for us – including WE: Connect, designed for female-identifying colleagues. You’ll find out about all that and more on our Diversity and Inclusion page.