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Technical Engineering Apprentice

“Before becoming an apprentice here, I was in my first year of sixth form studying Product Design, Health and Social Care, and Psychology – and I wasn’t enjoying it very much. I realised that sixth form wasn’t for me, but I knew that I really wanted to do something in engineering. So I decided to either study it at college, or find a relevant apprenticeship.

"This is a place where everyone is encouraged and supported."

That’s when I looked online and spotted an advert for FCDO Services’ Technical Engineering Apprenticeship. I did some research and liked what I saw, so thought I’d give it a go and apply. Then, as I went further in the application process, it became clear just how friendly and positive it is here: this is a place where everyone is encouraged and supported. 

So far on my apprenticeship, I’ve been building up my knowledge at college – learning from supportive tutors who teach you all the basics from scratch. Before starting, I was worried that I didn’t understand the ins and outs of engineering; that I had little knowledge but lots of interest. However, I soon realised that an apprenticeship is all about learning, and you’re not expected to already know everything.

"One of my most memorable moments is going to a meeting with our CEO, as an apprentice. No matter your background, you’ll be trained up and taught everything you need."

I’m most excited about the hands-on training and practical projects I’ll get to work on, something that I particularly enjoyed when I studied Product Design. In fact, I think my studies came in quite handy when I first started here, because it meant I’d already had a bit of experience using tools. But no matter your background, you’ll be trained up and taught everything you need for this apprenticeship.

For anyone who’s worried about fitting in, know this: FCDO Services really take care of their people. It’s supportive, diverse and welcoming here. Everyone works together as a team, and everyone is there to help guide you throughout your apprenticeship – and beyond."