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Our People – Technical Installer

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00:00 [FCDO Services logo appears on screen on a peacock blue background]

[Music plays]

00:02 [The word ‘APPRENTICE’ appears, cut out against the teal background. We zoom through it to find the FCDO Services crest, and different departments coming out from it in a spider diagram. The departments are Corporate, Logistics, Maintenance, Human Resources and Installations. They appear with a little ‘beep’ noise.]

>> Colleague: When I first joined as an apprentice, I worked across a lot of different departments – Logistics, Maintenance, Installations. You get an idea of how the whole organisation works…

00:14 [The department labels morph into circular icons of men and women, head and shoulders. A female icon moves to the top centre and dotted lines come out to connect it to all the other icons.]

>> Colleague: …and it gives you plenty of contacts too.

00:16 [All but two of the icons disappear, and we keep one woman and one man. Their circles disappear and they grow to be simply silhouettes of two people. A speech bubble full of question marks appears from the girl’s head. Three speech bubbles appear from the man’s head – they’re blank, but it seems like he’s answering her questions.]

>> Colleague: People you can go to for advice.

00:19 [The people dissolve and the words ‘no experience’ expands across the screen. The screen seems to glitch, there’s a buzzing noise, and then we see a simple line drawing of a wiring network appear behind the words.]

>> Colleague: I came in with no experience, and now I look back and I’m amazed by what I’ve picked up – things like learning to wire complex systems.

00:25 [We hear the glitch noise again and as the screen glitches, it gets rid of the words and wiring. A series of diverse people of all genders and backgrounds appear in a line; some in suits, some in construction site equipment, some in plain clothes. The word ‘Apprentices’ swipes in amongst them with a ‘whoosh’ noise, then whooshes out, replaced by the word ‘understanding’.]

>> Colleague: Everyone is so ready to help you too: lots of people here started as apprentices, so they’re very understanding.

00:34 [The people fade and the background transitions to a light blue. The words ‘TECHNICAL INSTALLER’ appear, cut out against the blue. In front of the words swipe in a series of five different embassies and government buildings, ranging from very modern architecture to old, grand townhouse style buildings.]

>> Colleague: Today I work as a Technical Installer, putting in the new security systems for government buildings, like embassies and high commissions.

00:41 [The buildings and words fade and the background turns peacock blue. A navy roundel appears, and inside it is a picture of CCTV cameras. A label appears over it: ‘CCTV’. Then, another roundel appears. In this one is an image of someone climbing a radio tower, and it’s labelled ‘Radio Installation’. Then, a third roundel appears, with an image of someone using a modern door keypad. It’s labelled ‘Access Control Systems’.]

>> Colleague: One trip I’ll be doing CCTV, and another time, it’ll be radio installation work, or updating an access control system.

00:49 [We zoom through the roundels to find the word ‘Protection’ written in white against the blue. Around it are 15 scattered icons of men and women.]

>> Colleague: I know I’m protecting people in what I do.

00:52 [The word disappears and the people form a line as a modern embassy appears. The line of people feeds into the embassy. Once everyone is inside, the embassy moves to the centre and a glimmering bubble appears around the building. Two more embassies appear on either side in glimmering bubbles.]

>> Colleague: When people go to embassies because they’ve lost their passport, we’ve helped ensure that the building they visit is protected. That the place where they’re sharing their vital information is safe.

01:03 [The bubbles pop and the embassies become letters – they spell BIG in white.]

>> Colleague: It feels like we’re doing something big as a team.

01:05 [The letters fade, the background turns teal. A line of people with their hands up appear – they’re supporting the words ‘each other’.]

>> Colleague: People really support each other in that.

01:07 [A commercial airliner moves across the screen left to right and wipes away the people and text, revealing the word ‘details’. A magnifying glass swipes in from the left to inspect the word.]

>> Colleague: I remember the first time I had to travel. It seemed like there were a lot of details to think about.

01:10 [We zoom into the dot on the I of ‘details’, to a dark blue screen. Three roundels appear with images: the first, with someone receiving an injection in their arm, is labelled ‘Jabs’; the second, with a doctor at a keyboard and a patient’s hands on the table, is labelled ‘Health certificates’; the third, with a picture of a visa stamp, is labelled ‘Visas’.]

>> Colleague: Getting jabs. Getting health certificates. Getting visas.

01:16 [The roundel on the left changes to an image of a woman in her 20s-30s, while the other two disappear. Then, the roundel expands so that the image fills the screen, and we see that the woman is in a meeting with another woman with her back to us. The words ‘let’s do it together’ swipe in from the right on top of a teal roundel.]

>> Colleague: I went to a colleague who organises travel, and she took one look at my face, and said, ‘Okay, let’s do it together.’

01:22 [The image shrinks back into a roundel, then other roundel images pop in next to it. The images are: a group of five colleagues taking off their hard hats for a break; three colleagues talking; two men looking at work together; two colleagues sharing coffee; and two colleagues in hard hats and hi-vis vests, looking at something together. The words ‘They’re everywhere here’ appear over the top.]

>> Colleague: You need nice people like that – and they’re everywhere here.

01:25 [The images fade and we change to a teal background. The FDCO Services logo and ‘FCDO Services, Part of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’ appear in white on the background.]

>> Colleague: This is FCDO Services.

01:29: [Logo disappears and the words ‘Your job bigger’ appear. As ‘bigger’ appears, there’s a whoosh sound.]

>> Colleague: This is your job, bigger.


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