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00:00 [FCDO Services logo appears on screen on a peacock blue background]

[Music plays]

00:03 [Logo fades. On a blue background, the words YOUR JOB appear – small at first, then suddenly larger.]

>>Narrator: Imagine your job, bigger.

00:05 [A paper aeroplane flies across the screen, following a wavey dotted line and the words fade into an image of a tropical beach. A small boat is coming in to dock, with two toucans perched on its roof.]

>>Narrator:Imagine that email you just sent

was about a project to build an embassy in Honduras.

00:10 [A large wire bobbin rolls across the screen from left to right, as the beach scene is wiped away. As the bobbin rolls, it leaves a trail of wire behind.]

>>Narrator:Imagine that wire you just laid…

00:13 [The bobbin rolls off to the right and from the left sweeps in an image of an embassy. The architecture is modern, and it’s a night scene with the lights off. They flicker on one by one.]

>>Narrator:…would keep the lights on for a country’s government.

00:16 [As we zoom out and away from the embassy, the silhouette of a laptop appears. It turns to face us and opens, and the silhouette is replaced by an actual image of the laptop.]

 >>Narrator:Imagine your IT knowledge…

 00:18 [A yellow icon of a globe appears on the laptop screen, and five more appear floating around the laptop screen. The globes float upwards into a cloud, leaving the laptop behind.]

>>Narrator:…moving a nation’s data to the cloud.

00:21 [The cloud disappears and is replaced by floating boxes with different career areas. They include: Interior design, HGV driving, Project management, Structural engineering, Marketing, CCTV installation, Accounting, Building surveying, Carpentry, Warehouse packing.]

>>Narrator:In fact, think of the skills you already have

00:24 [An image of planet Earth appears, and lines extend from the career area boxes, attaching them to different countries around the world. The globe spins, and the words orbit round the globe.]

>>Narrator:and now imagine using them to protect people all over the world.

00:28 [The Earth vanishes, replaced by an illustration of compass points, North, East, South and West. It rotates slightly.]

>>Narrator:Now we’re getting somewhere.

00:30 [We pull out from the compass and see that it’s part of a wider skyline of trees and buildings.]

>>Narrator:But let’s go wider.

00:32 [We zoom out further from the skyline. It disappears and reveals a line of six silhouettes – men and women – holding their arms up. The words ’UK’s interests’ drop in from above to be supported by their upstretched arms.]

>>Narrator:Because it’s not just about how you support the UK’s interests.

00:36 [Another thick black line comes in from below to prop up the people, with the FCDO Services crest below it.]

>>Narrator:It’s about how we support you.

00:38 [The people spin out of shot, and we see an office building, constructed floor by floor. Three children’s ABC wooden alphabet blocks appear next to it.]

>>Narrator:So imagine your office but with the onsite nursery just next door.

00:42 [We pan up from the office to see a sky full of FCDO Services crests, moving up through clouds, along with the words ‘constant learning’.]

>>Narrator:Imagine progression. Constant learning. Whole teams helping each other to reach new heights.

00:49 [We zoom in on one crest at the centre of the screen, and it becomes a keyhole – through which we can see part of an image, but it’s not yet clear what it is.]

>>Narrator:Imagine a job that sparks your curiosity…

00:51 [We go through the keyhole into the image, to see that it’s two colleagues working together, putting post-it-notes on a glass window. They look happy. We see the words ‘promotes your wellbeing’.]

>>Narrator:…and promotes your wellbeing.

00:53 [We zoom past the image and it disappears, replaced by the word YOU in blue with a faint white outline, resting on a grey striped line. Suddenly, the picture populates with a wide range of cut-out images of people of all backgrounds and ages. Some wear hard hats. Some are in office clothes. They’re standing around and behind the word YOU. They seem to pulse a little.]

>>Narrator: Imagine yourself, supported by colleagues from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

00:59 [We zoom out away from them and two roundels appear with images in them. The image in the foreground is a woman in a suit wearing a lanyard, looking at a laptop. The smaller image in the background is of someone standing on scaffolding amongst paint cans, painting the outside of a building white.]

>>Narrator: Imagine feeling welcome

01:01 [Those two images shrink slightly into the background, and two more roundels appear with more images. One is of a man and woman in hard hats and hi-vis jackets, looking at a clipboard. The other is of a man and woman happily talking in an office setting; the man has a cup of coffee.]

>>Narrator: for exactly who you are,

01:03 [Those two images shrink slightly into the background again, and two more images appear. In the top left is a man in his 50s in a hi-vis vest and hard hat, smiling, and the other is a younger man doing maintenance work on the ceiling above him. Those two roundels then shrink and two more pictures join: one of a man and woman in hard hats looking at a tablet, and one of a man looking intently at a pencil in his hand.]

>>Narrator: and who you want to be.

01:05 [Those two images shrink further into the background, and we see two more: one of a group of people chatting, both in suits and in overalls, and the other a young woman in a meeting. All the roundels now flip – and become light blue circles with the FCDO Services crest in white on each one.]

>>Narrator: Now imagine all that wrapped into one organisation.

01:08 [We zoom through the blue roundels to land on a darker blue screen. We hear a ‘whoosh’ noise.]

>>Narrator: And imagine what you could do.

01:11 [The FCDO Services logo and ‘FCDO Services, Part of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’ appear in white on the blue background.]

>>Narrator: FCDO Services.

01:12: [Logo disappears and the words ‘Your job bigger’ appear. As ‘bigger’ appears, there’s a whoosh sound.]

>>Narrator: It’s your job, bigger.


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