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Digital, Data and Technology

When you work with government customers, they have exacting needs in their tech, data, and digital products and services. They have vital information to be securely stored, from visa applications to passport details to electoral data. So, we need a team well ahead of the curve in Digital, Data and Technology. Whether it’s private cloud hosting, secure mobile devices, architectural consultancy, or bespoke secure software, our teams make sure everything we do is developed, delivered, managed and maintained impeccably.

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Key roles in this area

  • Application Operations Engineers
  • Infrastructure Operations Engineers
  • End User Computing Engineers
  • Technical Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Service Owners
  • Service Desk Analysts and Managers
  • Operations Analysts and Managers
  • IT Service Analysts and Managers
  • Business Relationship Managers

Our core areas

This is where you’ll find our service owners and senior architects – the team who oversee everything that goes on in Digital, Data and Technology. They make sure we all work together, collaborating well across customer-facing teams and product-focused teams to get the best result. You’ll find progression here from Technical Architect up to Service Owner, or maybe even Deputy Director.

From customer support up to senior business relationship management, this is where our colleagues manage our relationships with our customers, ensuring they’re getting smooth-running, cost-effective digital services that deliver against their goals. Split into four teams to manage groups of government customers, you’ll find career progression from Customer Support Officer up to Lead Business Relationship Manager, as well as IT Service Manager roles.

This self-contained team provide services to our London-based customers, with Service Managers, Infrastructure Operations Engineers, IT Service Analysts and Technical Architects all included. 

In this team, you’ll find the experts who make sure our hosting services are robust, well-structured, and ready to house our customers’ vital data. Whether you’re focused on Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Networks or Data Centre, you’ll find a clear progression structure in place, from Associate Engineer up to Lead Engineer or from Data Centre Technician up to Data Centre Lead.

How can our government customers make sure their laptops, phones and other devices are secure? That effort is right here, with specialists in End User Computing and Hardware Support. Start as an Associate Engineer or Admin Support, and you could make your way up to Lead Engineer or Support Team Lead.

With specialists in Service Management Integration, IT Advisory Services, and WiFi Surveying, we provide a suite of services here to make government customers’ IT services and data storage everything they can be, with a premium on security and quality. And whether you start as an IT Service Analyst and work up to Lead Product Manager, or as a Service Designer working up to Senior Technical Architect, there’s a focus on your career too.

Within this area, you could be in Service Transitions, Shared Services, or Operational Control, or you might support our Service Desk where we support government customers 24/7 with any IT questions, problems or incidents. You’ll enjoy great progression here too: whether you start as an Operations Analyst, a Change and Release Analyst, a Developer or a Test Engineer, there’s space to make your way up to management level.

Here’s where Digital, Data and Technology is resourced, scheduled, where policies and forecasts are made, and where we put together the overarching roadmap for our digital products and services.

In this area, you’ll find the senior leaders with an eye on every digital service we offer, with a Lead Data Engineer and Technical Architect who maintain the overall quality of everything we do.

This is the office of our Chief Technical Officer. They’ll look at the future of the whole Digital, Data and Technology programme, identifying new technologies and areas to explore in line with our strategy, with support from the Deputy CTO and Senior Technical Architects.

Hear from one of the team

When I first joined, I’d been here a month when they asked what course I’d like to do, and I got a qualification as a Service Analyst. You’re always encouraged to progress – and because of that, I’ve moved through the business too.

Digital, Data and Technology colleague

Working in Digital, Data and Technology, you could be based at our Hanslope Park site in Milton Keynes, or at King Charles Street, London. 

Our work is critical to the nation: for instance, we’re the integrators for the UK’s visa application service, on behalf of the Home Office.

Case study

How can the UK’s Border Force speedily check endless rows of freight containers? Read about our application that helped in the UK’s biggest sea port.

Learning and development

Alongside the training of the wider FCDO Services team, there are some specific options in place to help our Digital, Data and Technology teams excel:

  • You’re encouraged to get training and qualifications in skills specific to your role; for instance, training in Agile methodology
  • There’s also training in technologies to make sure we’re all always up to date, whether that’s in Microsoft 365 or advanced firewalls like Palo Alto
  • Opportunities to visit embassies and government buildings to get experience in how IT and digital projects are being used from day to day

Did you know?

The End User Device team recently provided vital support in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Our first order of the day was replacing secure laptops that had melted in extreme temperatures.

Staying ahead of the curve in Digital, Data and Technology

The tech and cyber security industry changes day by day. So how do the team here stay ahead?

Our Digital, Data and Technology team are spearheading a new Agile approach – meaning we can deliver quickly and flexibly, with better collaboration and daily stand-ups

As tech evolves, we think forward for our customers – for instance, with the rise of smart meters and the Internet of Things, we make sure government buildings’ data is held securely.

Our IT and Digital Project Community Group provides top tips, advice, best practice and a round-up of industry news, to keep everyone up to date

A variety of shift styles

One thing to note about our department is that colleagues here work a variety of different kinds of shift patterns. That’s because our work includes areas like the service desk, for instance, which needs to be open 24/7 to respond to potential issues.

So, across a range of teams, some colleagues will work 7am to 7pm; some will work night shifts; some will work more regular office hours. We’ll always highlight anything out of the ordinary in our job descriptions, so that you know before you apply.

If you do work longer shifts or night shifts, we’ll support you to make sure that you’re always cared for, with mandatory wellness checks once a year to make sure that your wellbeing is front and centre.

Case study

The Digital, Data and Technology team’s work enables government bodies everywhere, providing IT that’s not just best-in-class but, in the case of the MoD in Sierra Leone, prepared for all kinds of weather.

You get to effect change here: you’ll be working for multiple government departments, having an impact on stories you find in the press.

We’re always looking to expand into new areas to better serve our customers – including plans to broaden both our Data offering and our team of QA Testers.

What do I need to thrive here?

1. Collaboration

Familiar with Agile methodology, you’ll work well within a flexible team

2. Professional attitude

You’ll represent our organisation as you work with senior government stakeholders

3. Discretion

Ultimately, the data we protect is incredibly sensitive, with customers trusting in you

4. Expert knowledge

Whatever your specialism, you know it inside and out, keeping us at the cutting edge


Interested in a career in Digital, Data and Technology, but don’t have any experience? Your world just got bigger, with our Information Technology Apprenticeship. Whatever your age, whatever your background, our in-house training and paid qualifications could be just what you need. 

Latest roles

Want to join FCDO Services but can’t see a live role to suit you? Great news: you can sign up for job alerts or add your CV to our talent pool and we’ll be in touch when something comes up.

Management Accountant

Hanslope Park
£31,000-£37,725 a location allowance of £1,750 plus an allowance of up to £3,000 depending on professional qualifications

Driver (HGV)

Hanslope Park
£ 25,811 plus £1,750 location allowance and excellent benefits